The White Horse pub, a small Inn nestling among the houses in Longford Village, was reputed to have been built in 1534 as a Smoke House for curing meat.

In 1601 it underwent construction and became an Inn, an important place of call for travellers along the Bath Road which in those days, was the main road from London to Bath.

You can see the bricked-up windows of The White Horse due to the window tax, which was introduced in 1696 and not repealed until 1851.

Heathrow Airport started in 1929 as a small airfield on the southeast land of the Hamlet of Heathrow. Development started on the whole area as a very big airfield in 1944, stated to be for long-distance military aircraft, bound for the Far East. By the time the airfield was nearing completion, World War 2 had ended and the government continued to develop the airfield, as a civil airport, known as London Airport and later Heathrow.