Celebration Buffet

Luxury Ckd Chicken Sate

Buffet Savoury Eggs

Mini Wrap Selection

Crispy Vegetable Parcels

Spicy Pork Cocktail Sausages

Onion Bhajis

Wings of Fire

Mini Vegetable Snack Pack

Balls of Fire

Chicken Crunchies

Sausage Rolls

Jalaps – Cream Cheese

Chicage Canapés

Salmon Brochettes

Savoury Crispy Parcels

Smoked Salmon Canapés

King Prawn Rolls

Snow Crab Claws

Roast Vegetable Salsa Quiche

Mini Brochettes served with assorted Sandwiches

Home cooked Chilli and Curry

Fresh Exotic Fruit Salad

Country House Cheese Board with Crackers

Petit Fours Selection £22.00 pp



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